Wolf Wolf

Principal Architect & Founder

Wolf is the vital force and savant behind every project. Drawing wisdom from the ether, Wolf has successfully woven together a range of projects that showcase his ability to synthesise and reproduce consciousness into form.

Leire Bilbao


After completing her M.Arch in Madrid (Spain) in 2012, Leire worked on a broad range of projects in Spain, Senegal and Cape Town before joining Wolf + Wolf in 2016. Leire is committed to the pursuit of sustainable and ecological design. Her passion for social and spatial justice within the urban context fuels her innumerable contributions to the practice.

Alexandra Wunderlich

Candidate Architect

Alex first met with Wolf in 2016, when her undergraduate studies left her wanting to learn as much as possible about building with hemp. She became a part of the team in 2017, but took a break in 2018 for her postgraduate studies in Johannesburg. Her interest in finding sustainable architectural solutions is rooted in the conviction that architects, developers and city planning officials have a shared responsibility to embed the progress of building technologies in an evolved ecological consciousness which responds to the pressing environmental concerns defining our time.