“Deep in the temple. The sounds of bamboo-cutting: cold evening shower”

Kuroyanagi Shoha (d.1771)1


Wolf + Wolf Architects is a contemporary, sustainable architecture practice based in the Bokaap, Cape Town.

We are committed to harmony of purpose and form and believe that spaces achieve their full meaning when the natural elements of light, wind and water are in balance with the affairs of human life. Our dedication to finding equilibrium of beauty of experience and environmental sustainability informs our practice and designs.

At Wolf + Wolf, we see built form as the result of a process that considers our cultural and natural environments as part of a single, regulated, living organism. We use innovative design strategies to achieve holistic projects by seamlessly integrating life supporting systems into the fabric of the building and broader site. 

Our strategies include: the use of sustainable and appropriate construction materials and techniques; bioclimatic design (passive house) that supports holistic eco-system functioning; sustainable water capture and re-use and integrated nutrient cycling.